Remote systems administration and tech support

With Radmin you can:

  • Access network computers remotely over a LAN or via the Internet

  • Provide instant tech support for your staff

Use remote access to provide fast technical support and administer employees' computers and servers.

Access to remote PC 24/7

With Radmin you can:

  • Work remotely from any location that has Internet access

  • Enjoy the flexibility of telecommuting

Access your remote desktop, e-mail and files from home or from a hotel room. You are never at risk of losing business information, as it remains on your office PC at all times.

Help desk Services

With Radmin you can:

  • Support your customers remotely

Provide help desk services for your clients. With Radmin, software technicians can provide remote assistance to customers wherever they are, and whether they are using a LAN, a WAN or an Internet connection.

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